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The ending of 2017 to the beginning of 2018 DbeezDesigns established the 2nd phase of its vision by creating the NonProfit:  WE RISE BY LIFTING OTHERS. The goal has always been to give back, and with our nonprofit in full effect we are able to make every penny count for those efforts. President of WRBLO and Co-Owner of DBeezDesigns, Lem Tirado was able to raise over $12k with the help of family and community to make a mission trip with his brothers and men from a local church to Puerto Rico a month after Hurricane Irma and Maria made impact. So many lives were thankful of their helping hands. And we look forward to continuing raising funds for a second mission in the near future. Thank you for supporting DBeezDesigns, our vision, and our efforts to give back where help is needed most.

                                                                     -  Daniella and Lem



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My name is Daniella, and I've been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil in my hand. 

My parents have raised me to dream big, and always remember that anything is possible. The older I became and the more tests I've passed in life have proven to me that living isn't easy. But as long as I live with a humble heart and be nothing less than genuine, good karma can only follow.

Over the years, I've had beautiful individuals reach out to me about how inspired they were about my work... The amount of appreciation I feel every time is unmeasurable. I want everyone to feel that overwhelming happiness. Deep down, I believe everyone deserves to experience that.

DBeezDesigns is my dreams becoming reality. It goes much further than just artwork. It is my chance to give back as much as I possibly can. My husband and I want to use our skills to be able to build a team and pay them what they DESERVE for their hard work. We want to be able to give donations to charities, volunteer our time, bring our team with us. building shelters, starting clothes or food drives, help rebuild weather disaster neighborhoods, Take time to visit old folk homes for coffee chats about solving the worlds problems. The opportunities are endless. And we want to do it all. Not just in America, but around the World. 



And with your help, we will be able to. 

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